When did you start watching Doctor Who? And why?

I started watching Doctor Who back in 2008 when I was at work. The guy I was working with really did love Doctor Who and we had nothing better to do with our time, so he got me into it. I am forever greatful to him.

  1. thisaintnarnia answered: When I found out that it was with a new doctor, I was intimidated by the long history of the show. Even still, I always new who Tennant was
  2. nicebowtie answered: I started watching doctor who when Christopher regenerated into David. Can’t remember what year that was :/ Since then I’ve been hooked!
  3. leucocytes answered: I started watching Dr Who in 2005 when Christopher Eccleston was the doctor, or whatever his name is, because my parents used to watch it.
  4. puddlejumper8 answered: since 2008, it was always on before Stargate Atlantis on the scifi channel and i would watch it as a lead in and I fell in love with it.
  5. british-heart answered: About 4 years ago…I caught it on PBS at midnight and fell in love. It got me through some tough times.
  6. chieftainofthebeornings answered: since I was about 6-7. My dad would watch it and I ended up loving it. :D
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